How To Save Money On Your Insurance In CT

How To Save Money On Your Insurance In CT

how to save money on insurance in connecticut

Looking for clever ideas to save money on your insurance? In this short guide, we’re going to be showing you how to lower those insurance rates for you and your family. This short guide is brought to you by Branco Insurance Group. Don’t only read them, but take action necessary to save money.

  • Continuous insurance credit – no lapse and has maintained insurance
  • Vehicle car alarm credit are appliued if the vehicle has an alarm
  • Homeowners alarm discount
  • Homeowners discount if home within 500 feer to a fire hydrant and within 1 mile to the fire department
  • Low mileage discount on each auto that may apply to – example – 2 mikes to work or if vehicle just used for pleasure, premium is cheaper
  • Account credit …Make sure auto and home with same company
  • Good student discount for kids in the household that have good grades and are drivers on the auto policy
  • Driver training discout for kids that went to drivers school are on the auto policy
  • Married credit applied if married folks are on the auto policy
  • Multi car discount – make sure applied if more than one car is on the auto policy

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