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Branco Insurance Group will provide you with the right coverage that meets or exceeds all of your personal insurance needs. We have over 13 years of service in the insurance industry. We have the expertise to answer all your questions regarding your personal lines of insurance. Our mission is to earn our customer’s trust by providing complete customer satisfaction through quality products, competitive prices, and professional advice.

Personal Insurance is a great way to protect yourself from any loss that may happen. These types of policies are crucial for individuals who have family or other dependents who need coverage but can’t afford otherwise

Personal Insurance is a must-have for any individual, but it’s imperative if you have children or are elderly. The cost of being injured can be devastating to their lives and yours, so having this type of coverage protects them if anything happens.

Personal Insurance goes beyond death coverage. It also includes injury protection like getting hit by a car while walking down the street or property damage compensation like if something happens at home like a fire breaking out etc.

Personal Insurance is a financial security blanket that can help you drive cars and own your home without risking ruin.

The difference between Personal Insurance and Commercial Insurance is that the former covers people and not businesses.

Branco Insurance Group provides CT Personal Insurance that can help you keep your family safe.

Contact us to learn how we can provide you with comprehensive Personal Insurance at affordable rates.

Work With a Local CT Insurance Agency That Cares

With the guidance of Branco Insurance Group, your home is more likely to be adequately protected. We make it our goal to simplify every step for you to understand and feel confident about protecting your investments with an appropriate amount of coverage that best suits both your needs.

We’re on your side. Whether shopping for home coverage or any other coverages such as car insurancerenters insurance, or umbrella policies, our Personal Insurance specialists will carefully listen before tailoring personalized solutions explicitly tailored toward meeting your individual needs. So call today-we’ll make the process easy from start to finish.

Our Promise to Connecticut

Having an insurance policy that matches your needs is vital for your safety and well-being as a Connecticut resident.

Our primary goal is to be there for you and your family when you need us the most. As the leading insurance agency in Connecticut, we are dedicated to providing our customers with professional service and peace of mind. Our experienced insurance agents will help you find the best coverage for any situation that may arise.

Branco Insurance has a team of Personal insurance Experts on hand.
Our clients are satisfied with our insurance process.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We Make Insurance Personal

We represent many insurance carriers for your needs if you want the best in home, auto, and liability coverage.

Many people may be satisfied with just one program, but at Branco Insurance Group, our agents can help determine which policy will work better for you.

When you’re looking for the best insurance, we’ll guide you through a personalized process that’s just right. You can rest assured knowing that there are absolutely no surprises with us by your side, and we are in control of all aspects from start to finish.

With our help protecting what matters most is easy as pie: let us know about yourself, so we match up carriers who share similar risks or budgets- AND when possible, consolidate multiple policies into one, which eliminates excessive costs altogether.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with having a custom coverage plan built around your needs. We deliver and can show you how our policies are more affordable than anything else on the market.

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Our Insurance Experts will help your CT family or business.
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Are You in the Market for Personal Insurance?

Personal insurance is necessary for many people, but it can be hard to find the right coverage.

The cost of living in today’s world is high and unpredictable. You never know what could happen next – you might lose your job or have an accident that prevents you from working. If this happens, how will you pay your bills?

Get your personal insurance with us. We offer affordable rates on all types of policies so that no matter what life throws at you, we’re here to help protect your family and home. Our team has been helping individuals like you since 2008 so trust our experience in finding the best policy for your needs.

Get a personal insurance quote today.

Please fill out the form to receive a personal insurance quote within one day. We look forward to providing you with only the best service. We welcome English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Albanian speakers alike.

How Does Personal Insurance Work?

Personal Insurance is any type of coverage that individuals may purchase to cover themselves and those who depend on them.

Your life and your finances are in two different worlds. You can’t go into one without considering the other. Personal Insurance protects against everything that may happen: fire, theft (such as burglary or mugging), natural disasters like hurricanes, or death due to accidents such as falls from heights.

Insurance coverage is generally based on premiums. The more you pay, the better your options for protection will be; however, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to how much someone wants or needs in their life insurance policy. Some people may need very little, while others may want everything possible included with just one company underwriting them as well.

You can find the perfect policy with individual coverage that suits your needs and budget by tailoring it to meet all of your unique requirements. You might want more protection or less costly premiums to secure a good balance between what you get from the insurer versus how much they charge for their product.

Personal Insurance is a proactive and tangible way to protect yourself from the risks in your everyday life. It can reduce liability and cover losses for things like car accidents or medical emergencies that aren’t covered by regular employment benefits while protecting against high-cost payouts if something happens.

Get Quotes on Private Health Insurance in Connecticut

Branco Insurance Group offers health insurance in Connecticut. We are not 100% tied into any one company, but we can provide you with quotes from several top insurance companies. At Branco Insurance Group, our job is to help people like you find great health insurance options.

Compare Connecticut individual and family health plans from different providers and choose the plan most suited for your health care needs. Our agents can help you find Connecticut medical insurance for individuals, families, and students.

We have been an independent agency serving clients in Connecticut since 2008. Contact us today to discuss your coverage options, or click here for a free quote. We offer affordable CT health plans with comprehensive premiums.

To receive a free personalized health plan quote today, please contact us or call (203) 723-8500.

Individual Health Insurance Options in CT

You’ve found the right place for affordable private health insurance in Connecticut. Compare plans that are perfect for helping you and your family stay healthy all year.

Start with Branco Insurance Group to compare rates, benefits packages & coverage.

Partner with us to get a feel of what type will work best with your needs- whether it’s an individual or family plan, you’re sure to find a plan that fits your needs.

Connecticut Health Insurance

Why Choose Branco Insurance Group as Your CT Health Insurance Company?

Purchasing any kind of medical insurance policy can be confusing – we know that. We work hard every day so our clients feel confident in their choices by asking questions and getting all the information needed for their family’s protection.

In addition to getting you the right coverage, we also offer other services that can save you a lot of money. If you have a life change – whether it’s a new job with a health plan or your employer is giving you an insurance option – we’ll help you compare plans and find the best fit for your family.

We also offer Medicare supplemental insurance so those who are retired or approaching retirement can still afford medical care even as they’ve changed from their employers’ group health insurance policies.

Purchase Individual Health Insurance

The individual health insurance market has undergone a tremendous change in recent years. In a competitive marketplace, it is no longer the case that one size fits all. The individual health care market is seeing an increase in demand for high deductible plans, and we work hard to give you the insurance coverage you need at an affordable price.

Now is the time for you to join Connecticut residents who have already taken advantage of our competitive rates. We hope you’ll take a moment right now to explore your individual health insurance options with us – it doesn’t cost anything but can save you lots!

You see, we’ve done some research (so you don’t have to) and found out that most people overpay for their health insurance. That’s because they’re not shopping around.

The trick is to compare rates from several companies, so you have options. With Branco Insurance Group, it’s easy to get competitive individual health insurance quotes, but don’t take our word for it. The proof is in the numbers.

We help help you find the right insurance policy for your family or business in CT.
Our clients are happy with our insurance services.

So how much could you save with Branco Insurance Group? Well, that depends on a few different factors:

  • Are you married or single?
  • Do you own or rent your home?
  • How many people are in your family

Also, keep in mind that if you’re looking to save money on an individual health insurance plan and don’t want a high deductible, we do offer those as well.

Branco Insurance Group has been helping residents of CT get the best rates on their individual health insurance since 2008.

We can help you too. So. what are you waiting for? Shop our affordable rates now.

You’ll be glad you did.


Get a Personal Insurance Quote

Let us help you find the right insurance for your needs. We’ll ask you a few simple questions and give you a side-by-side comparison of some of the leading insurance providers. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

Our Insurance Experts will help your CT family or business.
We are the best Insurance Company in CT

Connecticut has more Health Insurance Options than You Think

Are you in the process of finding the right health insurance company in Connecticut? You might find some insurance through the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare. We want to inform you of the complete range of individual and family insurance products we offer in Connecticut.

Our Connecticut health insurance products will protect you from high medical costs if you get sick or injured. Our individual and family health insurance products allow you to find affordable coverage that fits your budget. These plans can cover everything from routine checkups and prescriptions to emergency room visits and hospital stays. Our plans are robust enough to meet your needs now and into the future.

Enhance Your Health Coverage Today, Rest Easier Tomorrow

When purchasing any bundled package, you enjoy higher coverage at discounted rates. See why increased protection is just what you are looking for with the best insurance companies in CT.

Find a plan that covers your prescriptions. Pick a plan with a lower monthly cost and save on your prescriptions.

Learn about programs designed for people living with chronic conditions.

If you’re looking for ways to save on your prescriptions, consider getting a bundled package from one of the best insurance companies in CT. With a bundled package, you’ll get increased coverage at discounted rates. This can be a great way to pick up prescription costs, especially if you have chronic conditions.


We've Got You Covered

Our Connecticut health insurance products include all of the following:

  • Individual Insurance Plans for Young Adults, Older Adults, Families with Kids, or People without Dependents
  • Family Insurance Plans are available for individuals or families with children of all ages. We offer high-quality coverage for adults over 19 years old, senior citizens 65+, and parents with children of any age.

Our individual and family health insurance products are designed with different life stages in mind. Whether you’re about to graduate from college, get married, retire, or become a parent, we offer customizable plans that address your specific medical needs at any point in your life.

CT Medicare Plans

Medicare is a great way to get health insurance that’s available through the federal government. It can be bought by anyone who meets specific age requirements (65 or older) or people of any age with certain conditions. There are four different types of plans from which you choose:

  • Original Medicare – Parts A & B
  • Medicare Advantage – Part C
  • Prescription Drug Coverage – Part D
  • Supplemental Insurance Plans – Medigap

Branco Insurance Group offers affordable Medicare Plans in CT
Medicare options can be complex and challenging to understand. They all offer different benefits, and sometimes those benefits don’t always cover certain costs. It can be complicated to determine which one is right for you. However, there are many options available, and we will walk you through them. 

We Can Help you Prepare for the Future with a Life Insurance Policy

It would be best if you spent more time enjoying life rather than having to focus on insurance. Our agents can assist you in picking the best life insurance policy for your needs. We understand Connecticut’s current regulations on life insurance, and we can find you the best insurance option for you. We’re happy to provide affordable life insurance in Connecticut.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our agents, and we will discuss your life insurance options with you. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our Life Insurance Agents are ready to help CT residents.

More in Personal Insurance

Staying protected just got better with affordable Umbrella policies from Branco Insurance Group. Umbrella insurance provides liability coverage beyond what is included in your standard Homeowners, Auto, and Boat insurance policies. Call us today for a fast and simple quote.

Winter can be a dangerous time for snowmobilers. That is why Branco Insurance Group offers affordable coverage to protect your active lifestyle and expensive ride. Call us today with any questions you may have about insurance or getting quotes on new policies before the season starts up again.

It’s time to take the road less traveled by and enjoy life on your own terms. While it may be expensive at first, Branco Insurance Group will help you find affordable rates for RV or Mobile Home insurance that suits any need or budget so no matter where in America you roam – we got you covered.

You’ve just moved into your new apartment and it’s time to start making lists of all the things that need protection. Protect your personal belongings inside your rented walls with affordable renters insurance from Branco Insurance Group. We offer the best coverage for you, so call us now before it’s too late.

Motorcycle insurance can help protect you and your bike. It covers the costs of repairing damage, pays medical bills if you’re injured in an accident, and even protects against theft. We help with affordable rates that keep up with today’s high-priced bikes,  ensuring you get full protection so nothing interferes with enjoying your ride.

The best way to protect your boat is with Branco Insurance Group. We offer a variety of coverage options that are both affordable and easy, which means you can get back on the water without worry. Get your quote today so that you have exceptional protection while you enjoy the high seas.

We offer additional savings with multiple policies for you and your family. At Branco Insurance Group, we educate you on your insurance needs and help you determine exactly what coverage best suits your life, health, and property. Contact us today.

Is Life Insurance a part of your financial plan?  Term Life insurance is more than luxury. It’s part of sound financial planning; a smart money move, just like saving for retirement. Adding term life insurance to your long-term plan can help set your family up for financial resiliency. 

At Branco Insurance Group, we can help you get the personal auto insurance that fits with your lifestyle. Whether you drive a sports car, a minivan, or anything in between, we have the best coverage for your needs. From liability insurance to coverages like collision and comprehensive, we will work with you to find the right policy.

Need Personal Insurance? Our Agents are ready to help.

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