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If you own rental properties, it’s essential to have this type of real estate investment coverage in place to protect your assets from damages and liability claims related to damage to your property. You may need different types of policies depending on whether you rent one unit or multiple units. The type of policy you purchase will be based on issues like the total amount of coverage you want, what types of claims are covered, and more depending on the coverage you want. Let Branco Insurance Group help guide you through the process of getting the right insurance policies for your needs.

What is Real Estate Investment Insurance?

The idea behind real estate investor insurance is to protect from the risks that come with owning rental property. It’s also known as landlord insurance or rental property insurance.

It is good to get real estate insurance if you invest in real estate, especially when protecting your investment. You should consider several factors before purchasing real estate insurance. Below are some points to consider.

The type of investment property will influence insurance concerns. It is likely to cost more to insure a multi-unit building than a single-family dwelling. The right insurance policy can ensure that your rental property is protected regardless of the circumstances. We have outlined some types of available policies, along with how to decide if they are suitable for you.

Risks Involved in Real Estate Investment

Getting the right insurance coverage for your investment in real estate is essential, but there are several risks to keep in mind. A clear understanding of those risks will help you determine what insurance coverage is necessary for continued success and protection from the unknown and unexpected.

Insurance Every Real Estate Investor Needs

Your coverage needs to be the same as standard landlord insurance. There are several types of insurance, including necessities like liability and property damage. Still, there are also optional extras worth considering, such as insurance against lost rent while the property is being repaired.

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You’re a real estate investor and you know that there’s always a chance of losing your investment. In other words, Real estate investment can be risky, but you don’t want to risk your money.

The good news is that we offer insurance options for real estate investors to protect their investments from unforeseen events, such as natural disasters, lawsuits, or even theft.


That’s why we offer insurance for real estate investors like you. We have the right coverage for all types of properties including residential homescommercial buildings, and vacant land. Our policies are designed to cover the risks associated with owning property in today’s world so you can focus on what matters most – making money. With our coverage, you can invest confidently knowing that your investments are protected against unforeseen events.

Coverage for Vacant Properties

There are times when properties are vacant, so you will need to verify how your policy handles that. Risks run higher during this time, including those associated with burst pipes and fires. If no one is on the property, you might not discover these disasters until severe damage occurs.

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Coverage During Property Improvements

Builders risk and installation insurance might be required if you’re doing renovations and extensions on a property.

This policy provides coverage for bodily injury to construction workers and property damage from vandalism and severe weather while the property is under construction.

If you are interested in learning more about insuring your portfolio of real estate, contact us today.

Should You Get Real Estate Investor Insurance?

It is a good idea for every investor to have their investment property insured.

Most investors would probably prefer to skip this insurance, but risking your hard work and money is a nightmare that can ruin years of investment. The best course of action would be to cover yourself.

You should be aware of one thing: every real estate investment is different, and your goal as a real estate investor determines the kind of coverage you will need.

For example, investors who plan to rent out a unit may need insurance to cover non-payment by tenants or provide an income if the rental property is damaged and cannot be rented.

Generally speaking, these investors wouldn’t need workers’ compensation insurance if they were just planning on flipping houses. Still, if they plan to renovate their properties, they might want to consider this insurance type.

What Types of Insurance Coverage Do You Need for a Rental Property?

Property losses resulting from liability claims, floods, wind, or fire are among the financial risks facing real estate investors. To protect your investment, you can choose from the following insurance programs:

Single and Multifamily Insurance

Investors who own ten or more single or multifamily properties may be eligible for multiple property programs offered by insurers. Several other types of properties can also be accommodated, including government-subsidized properties, market rents, buildings under renovation, mixed-use commercial and residential properties, and vacant land and buildings.

Apartment Building Insurance

Investors with individual apartment buildings or apartment complexes can take advantage of this insurance program. Larger buildings, with more units, are eligible for discounted premiums. Under this insurance program, you can insure vacant buildings and insure buildings under renovation as builders’ risk.

Commercial Real Estate Insurance

You can obtain commercial real estate insurance quotes from this insurance program for a variety of coverage types. Investing in real estate with partners requires comprehensive coverage, which includes those outlined above.

What Coverage Should You Expect with Rental Property Insurance?

There are differences between insurers when it comes to insurance coverage. However, the policies commonly cover the building of your apartment complex or condo unit, as well as your belongings within the structure, loss of income, and liability coverage. Each policy is unique, with its own benefits. When dealing with a diversified portfolio of real estate properties, the guidelines below can be helpful.

Landlord's Property Coverage

This policy is comparable to renters insurance, landlord insurance, and real estate investor insurance but doesn’t pay for the tenants’ personal belongings living on your property. The policy will only apply to the landlord’s property. When looking for rental property insurance, you might want to check if the property coverage is part of the insurance company’s basic policy.

Dwelling Coverage

In this policy, physical force damage is covered, including your home’s structure. This means it covers damage to the roof and walls but not the possessions of your tenants. As a general rule, insurance companies will only pay for damage caused by perils, such as lightning.

Liability Coverage

If a tenant or guest gets injured or hurt while on your rental properties, liability coverage can protect you from costly medical bills and legal fees. If someone is injured on the premises of your house, condo unit, or apartment complex due to a defect in the structure, then that person is usually covered.

Loss of Rent Coverage

Specifically, this coverage protects your income if your rented property is unfit for living due to damage caused by fire, flood, and other covered perils. Think of it as rent guarantee insurance. Coverage will be available for a set period of time, such as a year. However, not all insurance plans include coverage for loss of rent. Before buying a policy, check the coverage it offers.

8 of the Most Common Types of Insurance for Real Estate Investors

Insurance is one of the most important aspects of any real estate investment. It can protect you from unforeseen events and help you financially recover if anything goes wrong. There are many types of insurance for real estate investors, but it’s essential to understand what each type does before deciding which ones best suit your needs. Below we will discuss some common types of insurance that every investor should have in their portfolio.

1. Landlord Insurance

The landlord insurance policy bundles together different kinds of coverage that real estate investors are likely to need. Typical landlord insurance policies include coverage for liability, hazard, and income loss.

The tenant’s items aren’t covered under landlord insurance. It is common for landlords to require their tenants to obtain and pay for their own renter’s insurance.

2. Liability Insurance

A liability policy covers you for accidents involving tenants, guests, and even repair personnel at your property. Some types of liability protection include:

When someone is injured, or property is stolen

• Your property is the scene of an accident resulting in hospital and rehabilitation costs

• Should someone decide to file a lawsuit against you, including any damages awarded that you must pay

3. Tenant Rent Default Insurance

If a tenant defaults on their rent payments, rent default insurance covers the loss. Your income will not be interrupted by nonpayment of rent if you have rent default insurance.

4. Loss of Income Coverage

The loss of income insurance protects you if your rental property is uninhabitable for a long time. As an example, if your house suffers fire damage or a natural disaster hits your property. It is possible to cover expenses even if your rental property is vacant for several months if you only own one rental property and have an affordable mortgage. You might want to consider Loss of Income Insurance if your rental portfolio grows and your income is dependent on the rent received.

5. Flood insurance

Your rental property must be insured against flood damage if it is in a flood zone, or if the property will be damaged by an unexpected catastrophe that causes flooding. Most basic insurance policies cover water damage from broken pipes, but many exclude coverage from outside sources such as hurricanes and atypical weather occurrences like “100-year floods”.

6. General Contractor Insurance

Investors who renovate their properties on their own rather than hiring a contractor may opt to purchase general contractor insurance. In the event of theft or damage to construction equipment or an injury to workers on your rental properties, this type of insurance will cover you.

7. Builder's Risk Insurance

Investors who renovate their properties on their own rather than hiring a contractor may opt to purchase general contractor insurance. In the event of theft or damage to construction equipment or an injury to workers on your rental properties, this type of insurance will cover you.

8. Hazard and Fire Insurance

A basic insurance policy typically covers hazards and fire. Property can suffer damage as a result of storms, fires, or thefts, among other things. When considering hazard and fire insurance coverage, many investors prefer to have their rental properties covered for the replacement cost, not just the current cash value.

When it comes to real estate insurance, you have a lot of choices. Make sure that your coverage is appropriate for the level of risk in which you are investing, and keep an eye out for new policies as they become available on the market. Contact us today for more information on these different types of insurance or to learn about insurance options that we do not have listed here.

Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value: How Do You Choose the Right Insurance?

Ideally, you should purchase a replacement cost policy if you can. It provides better coverage and can cover the full cost of a covered loss (less your deductible) or even rebuild your home. For eligibility, the property must be in good condition, with a functional roof and paint. Lack of gutters, missing handrails on the staircase, and accumulation of debris are other issue areas.

Be sure you are getting enough dwelling coverage to rebuild your house based on what contractors are charging in your area when comparing replacement cost policies. Depending on the situation, this may be very far from what you paid. It is possible that it may be much higher or much lower, which surprises many investors. The only thing that matters is what a contractor will charge you to rebuild that house on the same lot in the same construction style for which you paid.

On the other hand, for properties that will need some repair, you may only be able to get an actual cash value policy. In other words, the insurance company will only insure you up to the amount you paid for the property less the value of the land on which it sits. The most common cause is when a house is old, and the plumbing, electrical, and roof have not been upgraded.

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When a structure sustains significant damage, an actual cost value policy likely won’t provide enough coverage to rebuild the structure. The worst that can happen is that you might only have enough money to pay off the loan and be left with either an empty lot or a seriously damaged building. Nevertheless, an actual cost value policy is usually sufficient for minor losses. It is better than nothing, especially if you are willing to pay a bit more than the deductible (due to depreciation) or do some of the work yourself.

A key point to remember about actual cost value policies is that about half of them do not cover water damage from frozen or broken pipes. Specific properties aren’t available due to their age or other factors. In any case, it’s good to know this upfront or even have it endorsed in your policy.


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Branco Insurance Group can put you in the right direction to protect your business. In addition, with providing many companies with property insurance coverage for the last 13 years, our experienced insurance agents are ready to be at your service. We offer top-quality property insurance coverage for your business so you can protect yourself against unexpected incidents or misfortunes. Don’t create more problems for yourself – get on the road to success right away by adding protection today.

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Condo associations need insurance to help protect the building they share.  The condo association master policy includes different levels of coverage, depending on the type of property being insured. Each condo owner must have their own personal coverage as well as one that is designed for all-encompassing protection against risks that are associated with condominiums.  Please take a look at how we can make this insurance policy purchase easy and worry-free.

Workers’ compensation insurance is the only protection for business owners from being inhibited by costs that arise from a workplace injury. There are a lot of expenses you don’t want to have to cover, and workers’ comp can alleviate so many of them. Workers’ compensation coverage is as vital as providing any other type of insurance for your business. Give yourself the protection you deserve with Workers Compensation Insurance from Branco Insurance Group.

At Branco Insurance Group, we can help you get the business liability insurance that fits your work niche. Knowing what coverages are needed or not needed for your business liability insurance policy can save you a lot of money. Protect your business with one of the most essential investments. Covering damages for accidents or lost funds, we can provide you with liability protection that meets your needs and budget.

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