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As your Connecticut Condo Association Insurance Agent, we at Branco Insurance Agency are proud to offer our clients the coverage they need at a price they can afford. As a Condominium Association, we understand that you have unique insurance needs, and we are dedicated to meeting those needs.

We offer a variety of coverage options for your Condominium Association, including but not limited to:

• Property insurance – This covers the physical structure of your condominium complex and any contents inside the units.

• Liability insurance – This protects your Condominium Association from any lawsuits that may arise from injuries or property damage caused by negligence on your property.

• Business interruption insurance – This reimburses your Condominium Association for any lost income if your complex has to be shut down due to a covered event, such as a fire.

• Directors and officers insurance – This protects the individuals who serve on your Condominium Association’s Board of Directors from personal financial liability in the event they are sued for wrongful decisions or actions while in their role.

At Branco Insurance Agency, we understand that no two Condominium Associations are alike, and we will work with you to tailor a policy that meets your specific needs. Contact us today for a free condo association insurance quote.

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Do you live in a condo? Are you a member of the condominium owners association? Are you confused by all of the condo association insurance options out there?

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Condo Association Insurance is an insurance policy that covers the association of your condominium complex. It provides protection for the common areas, exterior walls, and roofing, as well as any other

If you want to protect your investment, then Condo Association Insurance is an excellent option for you. We offer competitive rates with flexible coverage options so that it’s easy to find what works.

To get a quote for your condominium association insurance, please fill out the form. We look forward to providing you with only the best service. Our services are available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Albanian.

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Condo Association Insurance In CT

At Branco Insurance Group, we pride ourselves on customizing your safety plan and providing personal service in an automated world. We offer a comprehensive Condo Association Master Insurance Policy specific to the needs of your complex. Furthermore, we work with a vast amount of insurance products that can meet your needs.

Keep Your Property and Your Residents Safe

One of the biggest appeals of living in a condominium is knowing that someone else will be taking care of the outside of your home, from structural issues to landscaping and more. As the condo association, the responsibility shifts to you. Let Branco Insurance Group help with the details and be sure that your condo association master insurance policy covers all the bases.

Additional Options For Your Specific Complex

Not every condo complex is the same and that’s why no two condo association master insurance policies are the same. In addition to the basics, there may be other coverage options appropriate for your property. Let B.I.G. explain options concerning broader areas such as inflation coverage, workers compensation, and liability insurance to protect the association against the misconduct of a board member.

B.I.G. on Service

Fiquem seguros conosco. That’s Portuguese for “Be safe with us.” At Branco Insurance Group, we pride ourselves on customizing your safety plan and providing personal service in an automated world. We work with over a dozen insurance carriers to find the best coverage and cost for your insurance needs. Contact or give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions About Condo Association Insurance

There are the basics. General liability is a given to protect the association in the event of accidents in common areas. The association is responsible for insuring shared areas such as hallways, elevators, parking lots, fences, landscaping, and roofs. Complex specific items such as recreational areas and building equipment must also be covered. The association bylaws specify which additional areas are to be covered by you versus the owner. Let us explain to you the required coverage and choices available for your condo association.

In addition to making sure your association master policy is airtight, it is essential that the condo owners in your complex are aware of their insurance responsibilities. Educating your residents on what your master policy covers and what the condo bylaws dictate will benefit all involved in the case of a claim, filling in any gaps in coverage between the two parties. In addition to providing condo association master insurance policies, Branco Insurance Group works directly with condo owners to create a personalized and affordable plan. We’d love the referral.

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