When is Umbrella Insurance Necessary?

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What Should You Know About Umbrella Insurance?

In the world of insurance, you will discover a lot of very confusing terms. There are different types of insurance and different deductibles. Do you really need full coverage or is simple liability your best option? The truth is, insurance is designed to give you options. If you drive an older car that you are not making payments on, full coverage may be an expense that you do not need. However, liability could let you down. It covers you, but not completely. This is why we have umbrella insurance. Umbrella Insurance covers you more fully than simple liability for when you need a little extra help.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

First, umbrella insurance is not something that you will ever be required to purchase. It just gives you a layer of protection that goes above and beyond a liability insurance policy. When you or someone else is involved in some type of accident and gets injured, liability will cover injuries. What happens if they sue you for lost work or other things? This is where umbrella insurance will step in. It prevents an accidental incident from resulting in a huge lawsuit that can wipe out your finances for many years to come.

When Is Umbrella Insurance Necessary?

Life isn’t always pretty. Sometimes, things just happen, and it may not always be something you have control over. You will want umbrella insurance when “life” happens. Some examples of good use for an umbrella include:

  • Your kids invite a friend over to stay the night and they start roughhousing around. The friend ends up falling off a bed and breaking their arm. The kid’s parents sue you for injuries to their child.
  • You go skiing. Something goes wrong and you end up colliding with another person. They sue you for injuries to themselves.
  • Your dog bites someone.
  • You are involved in a car accident and there are multiple injuries or vehicles involved. Liability may not cover everything. You will want an umbrella policy to keep it from raining down on you.

Protect Yourself from the Unexpected

No one wants to hide from life because of what may happen. That isn’t living. However, it is important that you live your life knowing you are covered if life throws a curveball through your neighbor’s window from your backyard.

At Branco Insurance Group, we understand life’s crazy moments. We can help you choose the type of insurance that will allow you to enjoy life’s moments to the fullest. Simply contact us via telephone at 203-723-8500 to speak to one of our knowledgeable agents. You can also fill out our form to get a free umbrella insurance quote in CT.

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